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Bolts are used in a variety of things to hold them together in order for them to work properly. Depending on the application, there are many different styles, shapes, sizes and materials that bolts come in so the proper one can be chosen for any job. The most common materials that bolts are made out of are titanium, stainless steel and aluminum because they provide the most strength when compared to other similar materials. Bolt manufactures stock a variety of head styles, lengths and threads. The building and construction industries have the biggest demand for bolts as they use many different kinds every day to construct whatever they may be building.

The different types of bolts include shoulder bolts, hex bolts, U bolts, eye bolts, lag bolts, stud bolts, anchor bolts, J bolts and expansion bolts. Shoulder bolts are straight and can be used in situation where movement is a necessity. Hex bolts have six sided heads and are used in addition to a hex nut which secures two surfaces together. U bolts are by name shaped like the letter U and only at the end tips are they threaded. They are most commonly used in the suspension areas in vehicles. Eye bolts have a loop eye at one end instead of any type of common head. This allows things like ropes and latches to become attached to the surface where the eye bolt is placed. Lag bolts are strictly used for wood applications and are designed to hold best in that material. Stud bolts do not have a head and are used for when bolts need to pass completely through the material. Anchor bolts are in the shape of the letter L and are used to support any heavy foundation. J bolts are in the shape of the letter J and are also used for anchoring. Expansion bolts can be used in most applications and are a generic standard bolt.

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